Dates: TBD (Spring, 2018)

Chair: Prachi RajeĀ 

The purpose of Artist in Residence at South Fayette is "to place a knowledgeable, practicing, professional artist who is enthusiastic and motivated into a setting where they can share their job and benefits of the creative process for an extended period of time." There are two components of the program. At the Elementary School, the artist selects a core group of students from second grade to work with over a two week period. These students are pulled out of their regular scheduled day to attend workshops with the artist to work on a special project and to learn more about the medium that the artist uses. At the Intermediate School, the fourth graders have an entire week dedicated to visiting artists throughout their day. One of the most visible projects that the students have created is the mural that hangs in the main office. The students are very proud of this project, so please be sure to take a look the next time you stop by the school! The third and fifth graders also have a core group of students that are offered a different experience througout the week.

The Artist in Residence committee is responsible for coordinating parent volunteers at both schools for the second grade core experience and for the fourth grade's week long experience. We assist the school in supplying journals for the students and snack baskets for the artists. We are also available to attend any meetings between the artists and the schools.

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