Dear Parents - 

The SFPTA is excited to be able to sponsor the homeroom parties again this year! We need your help to make them a fun and exciting experience for the kids! If you are interested in being a room rep, read on!  

Elementary School Parents: We are looking for 3 parent volunteers per classroom to share the responsibility for planning and running the parties and taking pictures to share with the yearbook committee.

Intermediate School Parents: We are looking for 2 parent volunteers per classroom that would represent the classroom on a committee to plan and execute the holiday party activity stations that will take place in the IS Gym. 

Halloween Party (October 31st)

Holiday Party (December 20th)

Valentine’s Day Party (February 14th)

You will need to attend all three parties if you are selected for one of these roles. Names will be selected randomly. 
(All other parents will be limited to attending ONE party per school year at both the Intermediate and the Elementary School.)

Chair- Rachel Schultheis​