PTA Events & Programs

Artist In Residence
The purpose of the Artist in Residence program at South Fayette is "to place a knowledgeable, practicing, and professional artist, who is enthusiastic and motivated, into a setting where they can share their job and benefits of the creative process for an extended period of time."


Battle of the Books

Battle of the Books is a voluntary reading incentive for the 4th and 5th grade students of SF Intermediate School. This is an extra-curricular reading program where students can show their creativity and scholarly knowledge, forming reading teams to “battle it out” in a team-based contest testing students’ comprehension of the novels which were read. Families are welcome to come and cheer on their favorite team, and see who is crowned the best of the books!


Book Fair

Book Fair is a yearly event that allows students to explore and shop for reading material.  This event typically takes place in the fall.  

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Boys Night Out

A fun filled evening for boys and their mothers or other significant person to play and spend time together.  


Box Tops

For over 20 years, Box Tops for Education has given families an easy way to earn cash for their school, with products they already buy.

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Bulletin Board

The PTA designs and maintains the bulletin boards in the Elementary School and Intermediate School lobbies. The bulletin board in the Elementary School includes an individual picture of each child in grades K-2, with an emphasis on the second graders, as that board is about to "graduate" to the next level. The bulletin board in the Intermediate School includes candid photos of various groups of students.


Community Service
Each year the PTA conducts a Community Service Project to increase awareness of the needs of children and their families.


Cubs Corner

The PTA's Cubs Corner offers a wide selection of South Fayette spirit wear.  Themed tee-shirt sales and pop up shopping opportunities are featured several times each school year.  


Family Bingo Night

One of the most beloved events that the PTA sponsors! Join us for an evening of fellowship and fun...gather the family to play bingo, South Fayette PTA style! Games are called by our very own favorite teachers and principals.


Family Fitness Night

The PTA hosts a night of fun, fitness and family! Everyone in the family is welcome and encouraged to participate.



Family Reading Night

A fun filled evening for the entire family!  Reading, presentations and snacks make this a must attend event! 


Fifth Grade Celebration

A day-long celebration held near the end of the school year for the fifth grade class. This celebration is a fun way to conclude the years spent in the elementary and intermediate schools and send the children off to start the next part of their journey in the middle school.


First Grade Lunch

Parent volunteers from each first grade classroom help the monitors with the children during lunch and recess. Parents have a great opportunity to see their child at lunch and share the experiences of what their child will be doing on a daily basis. The program provides some much appreciated assistance to the monitors as the children learn the lunchroom process and the rules of the playground!


The PTA hosts two yearly fundraisers each school year.  Funds raised are used to provide all the events and programs you see on this page and much more!


Grant Applications

Grants can provide specific funding for programs and projects that can benefit our students.  We are always looking for grant opportunities and help in preparing grant applications.


Holiday Mart

Students are given the opportunity to shop for loved ones, friends or even themselves prior to the holiday season.  This is an event the students really look forward to each year!


Homeroom Representatives

The PTA sponsors three yearly parties at the Elementary and Intermediate Schools.  The Homeroom Reps plan and host all of these events while other volunteers assist at individual parties.


Indoor Recess

Ever wonder what your child does for recess on rainy days or in the depths of the Pittsburgh winters? The PTA provides Indoor Recess  activities for students to enjoy when the weather outside isn't cooperative! 


Kindergarten Lunch

The Kindergarten luncheon is an opportunity for students in Kindergarten to experience eating lunch at school with a parent/guardian.  This occurs towards the end of the school year, and teaches them how to proceed through the lunch line, pay for lunch, etc. 



A yearly reading fundraiser/contest where students log their reading and seek sponsors.  The PTA coordinates and provides prizes at the end of the event.  


School Pictures

The PTA provides volunteers to assist during school picture days each year. 


Science & Invention Fair

A thrilling night of science and learning for the whole family! Students can showcase their science experiments and families can participate in interactive activities and exhibits.  


Staff Appreciation

Recognizing and showing appreciation to all the wonderful employees at the Elementary and Intermediate Schools.  We host several events for teachers, administrators, support staff, & bus drivers each year. 


Sweetheart Dance

A wonderful event for Fathers/Daughters or other adult family members to dance the away.
Dress to impress, this is your chance to come walk the red carpet at the Sweetheart Dance. Music, photos, snacks and so much fun!


Track & Field Day
An exciting day to cap off the school year!  Track & Field Day is a thrilling outdoor event where students run and play as the school year draws to a close!


Vendor Show

A PTA sponsored event and fundraiser where local vendors gather to sell their wares just before the holiday season. 



The yearbook journals the school year's activities and profiles the camaraderie among students and staff. PTA volunteers work all year to create each page in the yearbook and help by taking pictures of student life to feature in each edition.